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Hair damaged by Chemical relaxer burns?

I have very thinning hair and some really bad hair loss on one patch of my hair, that I got from hair straightening. Its been almost a year now, and i don't see visible improvements. The lady that did the hair straightening told me that it takes couple of years to regain it back is it true?

I made a stupid mistake, one that i will never make again. I really want my hair back, its very noticeable when my hair is wet, or when i comb it a certain way. This makes me depressed, and destroys my confidence.

I really want to know how long it can take.

As of last week:

I got a corticosteroid cream for my scalp. Would this help?

also I am taking 1000mcg of biotin daily.

And using shampoos that have no sulfate and conditioner and i apply olive oil before sleeping.

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    sounds like you're doing everything right. drink plenty of water, eat extra protein. stay away from those chemicals! and be gentle with your scalp

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