Has anyone used Seafoam and their 96' Ford Contour?

I'm thinking about using it in the pvc line or whatever line to help out the cyclinders, but i dont know there are a lot of steps and risks.

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  • Stuart
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    8 years ago
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    For a V6 start the car and pull off the vacuum line running from the top of the upper intake manifold to the brake booster, do this by pushing down on the ring at the base of the connector at the same time you pull up on the connector, do not pull up by the hose or with pliers as the plastic elbow is brittle and hard to find. Once the car has stalled start it again, it should run a little rough like this but will continue to run. Get a length of 3/8 rubber hose and stick it into the hole in the uim, use this to syphon the seafoam out of the can. Put about a third of the can into the engine then let it run clean, then put another third of the can into the fuel tank, and the last third into the oil, you will need to change the oil shortly after doing this for good measure.

  • 8 years ago

    Bro, you dont even know that it's a pcv valve and not a pvc line. You have no clue what you are doing. Don't do it.

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