My friend treats me like a baby?

ok so my birthday is in april and hers is in july which makes me older that her. we are both the same age now and underdeveloped for our age (small chest) she stuffs her bra! I don't because thats not something i would do. She always tells me stuff like i'm a baby! shes all like "this is how you do it" and here let me do it for you" when i am perfectly capable of doing it by myself. she thinks she can do everything better than i can. for example when we are doing our makeup together before i even start she says she can do it for me! I am the one who loves makeup and follows trends and knows teqniques. I probably sound childish right now but i can garauntee i am much more mature than she is. So my question is how do i show her that i can do stuff without her trying to take over and embarass me by making it look like im a baby

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Orrrr aren't you cute. Isn't Casey cute everyone. Orrrrrr. Goo goo ga ga.

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