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Laptop wont Boot [HELP]?

Hey guys, first of all I have a Compaq CQ40 (Its 2 years old) and I was playing some games and after that I restarted the computer because I did a Virus scan, and then After that It wont boot up again, When I started it only shows the COMPAQ logo loading and then a black screen and a blinking "-" at the top left corner of the screen

I also tried those Bios settings thingi but it didnt work, also tried the F8, but when I press F8 it just goes to a black screen.

So what is my problem? and how can it be fixed.

Im trying know if this can be fixed so I can save a couple of money from repairing my laptop

Need answers ASAP.

Thanks guys!

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    sounds like your hard drive is corrupted...

    if you have operating system installation disk repair it or re-install operating system

    good luck take care :)

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