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Help i'm changing supper plus tampon every hr to hr and half?

I started my period yesterday after having a nasty endiometriosis flair up... I'M soaking through a super plus tampon every hr to hr and half, and have terrible abdominal cramps and bk pai.... Took tramadol but it not helped, rolling around in agony.... Feeling Really tiered, emotional and sick... Advice Needed on what to do.... Pls....

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    You probably need to hit up your doctor as soon as you have time so they can give you a check to make sure everything is okay. Try to take ibuprofen every 8 hours to see if it helps for the time being. The docs usually can't do too much if you are bleeding, but if it continues too many more days they might need to give you a shot or something to try to stop the bleeding.

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    Hope your feeling better by now. If you haven't been to the doctor yet, go immediately.

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