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Dark Knight Rises? Or Avengers? ?

I'm a DC guy so I'll start off by saying Dark Knight Rises lol 1-0

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    DARK KNIGHT RISES, HANDS DOWN! dark knight rises had an amazing cast, beautiful cinematography, full of action, subtle jokes, and better storyline. i felt like i was more in tune with the movie probably because of the deep dark drama emotions while avengers was just purely action and the plot was very predictable. there is no way that they would kill off the avengers while with batman, nolan could've gone either way. TDKR and nolan's batman in general is one of the best trilogies ever!

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    Let's start of with bat man the movie keeps you in a moment of suspense great story line and a movie plot that cannot be guest the movie does a great job of giving all the main charecters a great story to fallow the the world that this movie builds is almost real as characters arnt mindless zombies who really don't show any real type of human emotionthe batmans tec is also great as it comes out when the movie needs it and not using it constantly shown by avengers. the action is on the top of it's game were bat man has to fight someone who is not only stronger than him his as smart and has a very dark feeling and you can tell he is evil. Bad part about the movie I can only say is I don't like how bane dies :( even at the end I didn't think batman had lived and felt mad that the movie ended like that but a minute bofore the movie ends I smiled as I found out bat man was alive!!

    avengers were too start it had great fights and great effects I liked how they demonstrated how the avengers work in the comic books and show how these people couldnt work as a team until the end because they had to save the world.bad parts about the movie it's plot was bad very predictable. Bad character to character conversations the movie builds no real suspense because it keeps giving you worthless fights the movie feels it's made by a teenager who only wanted explosions! the main bad guy Loki this pathetic excuse for an evil guy is a joke he gets his *** kicked about every time he fights he doesn't seam evil at all instead your left with a guy in a green dress who has no motivation for his actions.

    So if I had to pick for best movie I'd pick batman but avengers was also fun

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    Sorry friend but even if the nut job in Colorado who went on a killing spree and ruin the opening of the Dark Knight Rises it would still fall short of the Avengers. The Avengers movie alone in the US domestic gross is at least $620M, I be surprise if the Dark Knight will probably hit at least $350M. So you better make that Marvel 1 and DC 0.

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    one million) Which action picture do you opt for to be certain probably the main? Why? The Avengers. i do no longer know why yet i've got decrease than no situations been a great Batman fan in spite of the undeniable fact that i in my opinion like various of the superheros interior the Avengers so...Yeah :D For those of you who've already watched the Avengers, how did you come across it impossible to stand as much as, and how do you have self belief TDKR will study: will that's larger or worse? I enjoyed it! I in spite of the undeniable fact that it grow to be magnificent and had action each and every 2nd of the action picture! I watched it in DBOX 3-d and the journey grow to be as quickly as magnificent! i do no longer know how TDKR will study in spite of the undeniable fact that it is going to be difficult to maximum appropriate the Avengers. 2) so we are in a position to do extra effective interior the field place of employer? i think of the Avengers will. 3) so we are in a position to have the better score (rotten tomatoes, imDb), and easiest critic reward? as a manner to be nominated for extra awards? Avengers. For #2 and #3 - i assume the combination of various superheros who's solo video clips have carried out so solid and are so extreme-high quality blended is going to extreme TDKR. It was once humorous and ideal each and every step of how! each and every Avenger is so enjoyed in my opinion that whilst they are placed mutually it somewhat is organic awesomeness. 4) the situation does "The effective Spiderman" experience into all this? in view that Spiderman has decrease than no situations been interior an identical lingo by using fact the entertainment (like the Avengers who've bits of each and every and another of their solo video clips), i do no longer see Spiderman ever installation in or entering in spite of like the Avengers by using fact Spiderman is, to me, in his very own little international and no different superhero has interacted with him as much as this ingredient. 5) Which of those action pictures will you be seeing interior the theater? I observed the Avengers and am going to be certain it as quickly as extra next week and ordinarily 30 million situations extra suitable. Lol. It grow to be as quickly as relatively solid! i do no longer know approximately TDKR, i might, yet i ought to now no longer.

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    Avengers. No questions asked.

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    Avengers, but TDKR is awesome too

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