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Ranking system in Star Trek 2009?

Wasn't Pike a captain before being abducted? How in the world did he move up to Admiral at the end? Not to mention kirk's rise to Captain was weird. Were there too many liberties taken?

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    Yes, he was a captain before because he got his own ship 8 years after graduating the academy. Paralleling the TOS original pilot, The Cage, Pike had contemplated leaving Starfleet, but was given the rank of Fleet Captain when Kirk took command in 2265.

    Meaning they left the Admiral offer open to Pike for quite some time, he just decided to take it.

    Kirk's promotion was incredibly fast, but not impossible. One thing people kept saying that he went from Cadet to Captain just like that. That is in error as we went from a suspended Cadet, to XO, to acting Captain, THEN to Captain. All in a couple of days.

    Pike when he was captain does have the authority to make anyone the XO, even the ship's cook. Pike promoted Kirk to XO because he needed Kirk to be on that mission with his ability to think on his feet, and figured that Spock needed someone like Kirk to be his XO.

    When Spock resigned command because of order 619, Kirk was next in line of command. And when Pike chose not to relieve him of command, Kirk stayed.

    Having a temporary command becoming permanent isn't something new in Star Trek.

    McCoy on the Tholian Web said that when Kirk was declared dead, if Spock were able to save the Enterprise, Starfleet would pin a medal on his chest and give him command of the Enterprise, which would also include being officially promoted to Captain.

    When Admiral Hansen on The Best of Both Worlds; PT2, declared Picard a casualty of the Borg, Riker was given a field promotion to Captain and command of the Enterprise.

    Picard became captain of the Stargazer when that ship's captain was killed, and Picard stayed until the battle of Maxia.

    In an alternate reality, Riker kept his captaincy of the Enterprise when Picard was killed during the Borg incident.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Pike pushed Starfleet to allow Kirk to remain in command of the Enterprise.

    Source(s): I'm a hard core Trekkie.
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