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God created everything & said it was ALL GOOD. So the fact that Lucifer would turn against him was good?? WT*?

...And the fact that man would sin was all good??... WT* again!!


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    Exactly! something IS very wrong with that picture. There are so many religions out there that i think it is obvious that it was just a way for humanity to put its mind at rest about the universe in a time when we knew even less than we do now.

    Religion (namely Christianity) is fraught with contradictions. Whenever I would question my religion teacher about these contradictions he would just that it is a paradox and thought that was a liable explanation. In my eyes if people believe in the bible they may as well believe in dragons, mermaids, santa clause, the tooth fairy and hogwarts...

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    i comprehend Lucifer replace into an angel who desperate that he could be "like the main intense "& he replace into forged OUT into hell! examine Isaiah 14:12-15. God knew this before it took place, purely as He knew He could be betrayed byJudas! Being the perfect GOD that he's.. He gave Lucifer a "possibility" & look what he did with it! God isn't a puppeteer. He additionally knew & is prevalent with of which anybody is going to coach to Him & those people who will REJECT Him. great for us all that God does no longer base His character or judgements on what He already is prevalent with of we can or won't do. he's HOLY.

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    You commit two LOGIC errors. God created man's will as a mirror of the Divine ('in His Image") but He did not want the will used poorly. IT is 'FREE' will. Same with Lucifer. So that is just dumb. Some foods are very tasty but in too much will kill you. Does that make the food bad ?

    And of course you completely miss the boat in saying that now sin has entered this must be beyond God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    At the beginning of the Easter Vigil twice we heard this strange outburst:

    “O happy fault,

    O necessary sin of Adam

    which gained for us

    so great a Redeemer!”

    The joy of these words is surprising, since we’re accustomed to think of Adam and Eve’s sin as a great tragedy. God created man in His own image and loved him with infinite love. God gave man free will, with the capacity to respond freely to God. Man misused that free will to rebel against God, and thereby infected the human race with Original Sin. Before man’s Fall, some of God’s angels had also rebelled against their Creator, and in their hatred had infected nature itself with evil. So we must say that all evil, physical as well as moral, is ultimately the result of sin, either angelic sin or human sin.

    sin of adam Why, then, does the Church through her liturgy dare to speak of the Fall as a “happy fault” or a “necessary sin?”

    You see, had our first parents not fallen by sin, they would have remained in a state of supernatural grace. Eventually they would have been taken into heaven, and would have shared in the vision of God. For unfallen persons, that would be the deepest possible union between God and human beings.


    I must answer your argument that says God is not omnipotent

    Sermon 1. The Omnipotence of God the Reason for Faith and Hope

    Fourth Sunday after Epiphany, 30th January 1848

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    The thing is I learned from my own understanding that God wanted to use lucifer to test the humans like in Job. Those that believe in God and have a understanding of him will let the Lucy test us to make us stronger like with Job. The unbelievers that choose not to believe God after many countless people who God brings to tell them other wise usually ends up being left to the illusion that all this life is is a mistake. The thing is God gave man free will to believe or not, to listen or not, of he just wanted you to believe and love compulsory on his behalf without having a choice that's not a loving God.

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    There will always be nitpickers and naysayers who will enjoy a sunset but complain that it is too bright without sunglasses.

    God says it is all good. He made a way to escape punishment for sin. What the furlong?

    Look again... with sunglasses.

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    The Big bang created everything. Then gas clouds clumped together and then rocks and other debris started to clump together. stars were born and so were planets. then bacteria were formed, meteorites carrying water crashes into what will be our planet, skip 1 000 0000 000 years and a lot of eveolution and you have humans. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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    when God said all the HOST of heaven was Good, he was implying the spirits were all Good. when lucifer had high praise, he was still Good. however lucifer became satan after he rebelled against God and when he would not submit to the plan of salvation that jesus offered all the host of heaven. after that 1/3 of the angels rebelled and they became satan

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    Awwwwwww.....the little baby is gonna cry. He is gonna use freewill to cry about freewill. You want a diaper change little one? Jeremiah 20:11 God Bless

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    Could you quote the exact verse please? Cause I think you ignored the fact that the sentence was a PRESENT TENSE.

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