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what colors would come in a red male blue female Betta breeding?

just wondering what colors I might get if I bred a blood red male and a royal blue female Betta.


i have already bred bettas, just wondering on the colour! :)

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    Breeding Bettas is a big job. There are so many supplies that is necessary to raise the young. Coloring depends on the gene line of each parent. This site will help you along. It goes in depth from egg to adulthood. I call it the "Bible of Bettas". Good luck and good reading....

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    you could either get the same sort of red colour from the father or the blue colour from the mother. or there could be a bit of both making a sort of purple colour which would be very nice.

    but it depends on what the colour of your male and females parents were because the fry could take some colour from them aswell.

    they have the potential to come out any sort of coulor really, with different sorts of shades and patterns. you'll just have to wait and see. also the colour of a betta doesnt come through properly untill its a few months old

    hope that helps :-)

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    It's possible but now not considering pink and blue make purple,its since there pigment genes might come out that way,I suppose you should are trying it and i want you the first-rate of success.

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    I have a beautiful purple betta.

    His Dad was blue. Mom was red and purple. - Pic of him.

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