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After getting skinny does your metabolism get faster?

I'm really starting to make some progress! I lost about 8 pounds in two weeks from jogging, and lifting weights. I know i lost at least 3-4% body fat. I was wondering if I just need to get over the hump. My friend lost 25 pounds, and he doesn't need to worry about what he eats much anymore. My brother doesn't gain weight, end of story. He tried to gain weight so he could build muscle, and he ate probably 4000 calories a day, and he didn't gain a single pound, and gave up on gaining weight, and muscle. Once I get my body fat percentage down to around 5-10% will I need to watch what i eat still? Its currently bouncing between 18-19% I started when it was bouncing around 21.5%-22.5%, and i feel like its only been getting easier, and easier, and easier. Thanks just wondering!


I'm not really watching what i eat right now, it's mainly watching what I don't eat. If you understand what i mean.

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    No, your metabolic rate will decrease as your body mass decreases. Since you weigh less, your body does not require as many calories to keep running.

    That being said, you may partake in more physical activity when you are leaner, which would in fact increase your metabolic rate. It is difficult to judge whether or not that would counter act the aforementioned effect, as it would vary by individual. But on average you metabolic rate would most likely be lower than it is now.

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