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Filing Unemployment Claims in Georgia?

In June I started receiving UI in the state of Georgia. However, I recently have picked up 1099 work. The issue I have is that the weeks I will work I make more than my benefit, other weeks I make nothing. Do I continue to the file the claim on the week I work stating my wages for that time period or do I not claim that week? Also, since the weeks I work I make more than my claim, would I owe that money back to the state? This work will also most likely end in September, how do I collect unemployment then? I have a lot more questions on the issue, but these are the three most pressing.

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    Hi Riley:

    Keep filing and put down what you make for each week. On the weeks that you make below what you would get in benefits, they will give you the difference. If you stop filing, you will have to reopen your case again and face the possibility of being turned down.

    I would recommend you speak to your local unemployment office to make sure this process has not changed as things change daily. You want to make sure you follow their rules exactly so as not to disqualify yourself from getting benefits. Congrats on finding an income source!

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