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Will straightening my spine make me taller?

I have a curvature in my spine and i just wanted to know that if i get it straightened by surgery or whatever, will i get just a little bit taller ?


And if yes how much taller ?lol

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    As people before me have said, it all depends on how severe your curve is and what type of curve you have. I had kyphosis (85˚ curvature) and the surgery made me 2 inches taller! Straightening out kyphosis probably makes you taller than straightening out scoliosis. But I'll take height over pain and a curved back any day :)

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  • Shay
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    Yes. But it is hard to predict by how much. Only your doctor or surgeon could help predict that. It would depend on how much of a curvature you have. You could gain less than 1/2 inch, or you could gain over an inch. There is no way for anyone here to make a guess without at least seeing you to see how "curvy" your spine looks.

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    Straightening up your spine will not have any affect on your height, however; it will do wonders for your posture.

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