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Whats The Price Of A 2013 SRT Dodge Viper?

I've tried looking up the price and none of the websites say anything about the price, there was one but all it said was it was about $95,000. That sound like complete bullshit to me cause Dodge Vipers have damn near the same quality of a Ferrari. So does anyone know the actual price, that would really help me out, thanks.

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    Early estimates have the 2013 SRT Viper base price set at around $95,000 USD, with the luxury GTS model beginning around $120,000 USD; another source claims the upscale Viper GTS will cost $137,000. As is often the case, official prices will be released when the Viper hits selected showrooms.

    Also, Ferrari helped Chrysler design the interior with the GTS package.

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    Anthony. there is no price. why? because the selling dealership will set the price, sure chrysler will give a MSRP but unfortunately you cant barter a price for the car like you can for base line toyota. So if you live in Los Angeles the viper may run you 125K where in Dallas it may run you 145K. And as far as quality of build, ehhh even being a dodge lover and a former certified viper mechanic I think ferrari is a better build than a viper, viper is more like a corvette, frame, fiberglass, big *** engine, high end quality seats

    Source(s): Old Mechanic
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    If dodge was as expensive as Ferrari it would be bankrupted immediately! Sorry to blow ur bubble but a viper isn't impar with ferrari's AT ALL! Never say this or ppl are gonna redicule you for u kno nothing about cars.

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