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Wierd feeling, numb and dizzy all the time?


I'm 21 year old student from Slovenia and I have problems with my feeling for like a year now intensively. I went to a psychayatrist,and he diagnosed me with anxiety, OCD and moderate depression, so he prescribed me Asentra (Zoloft), first three months 100 mg and then 200 mg. I take Asentra for 5 moths now and with my anxiety is better. However, I still have a problems with my feeling in this life. I am almost always tired, sleepy ad with no motivation for anything, including things that supose to be pleasuring. I can't enjoy anything. But I was like that for many years, but lately (last year) I started to feel very wierd, like constant dizzines. It's very wierd feeling which I can't describe properly, but I will try. Sometimes, when I'm outside, I start to feel like I'm very weak, dizzy, disorientated, very numb, headache, my eyes start to tear and burn, I start being nervous, I don't know how I will deal if someone who I know comes by, because I have this strange feeling. Often when I'm at home, I feel very tired and numb also if I didn't do anything for a whole day, and his strange numb feeling in my body and muscles, like they are so heavy and clumsy, and I have troubles with coordination and with most usual things, it feels very strange, like I'm completely incapable of anything and everyting seems so hard to do, even drinking water or standing up. My eyes often start burning and tearing, and shuting down and I must concentrate to even open them, and I have bags (circles) under my eyes all the time, even if I've slept enough. For whole day I can't wait to go to sleep, but when I do, it takes an hour or more usualy to start sleeping properly. In the morning, I have very tense and tired feeling, and I must gather all my forces to even get out of my bed. Sometimes, when I have this feeling, it's even hard talking or responding to people, all seems very very hard, and often I contemplate suicide, just to stop feeling like that. I have problems with concentration and with sitting calm. When I lay down, I often twitch and toss myself around. I have also difficulty in reading and conentrating on text, lately I started to read incorrect word, like there is a word "Horse", and I think I see "Horror", or something like that, it's horrible. I've read a lot of books when I was in elementary school, and I was known as a book worm, but now I have problem with reading even a few senteces right. It's horrible and I don't know how to help myself. My parents don't take me very seriously. And Iam also always in bad mood, whatever happen (even very positive), I always find a reason to be in a bad mood. Everythime I succed with that. I'm also very nervous and I have problems with myself and other people all the time. Socializing is like moving a mountain for me. Meeting new people like breaking the constant ice, it's horrible. I need help with this annoying, numb, suffering feeling, that I can't control. If I wont start to feel any better in close future, I will probably end this everyday suffering.

Thankyou for reading to the end.

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    8 years ago

    You have a panic disorder. Its leading to depression. Anxious thoughts lead to avoidance of day to day interactions because of the sheer nightmare sting of it. This avoidance will lead to a manufactured depression, that's certain. Its a vicious cycle. Panic Disorder is manageable. I listen to a podcast by the comedian Jay Mohr. He has the same exact thing you have. He was recommended to a psychiatrist (a doctor who solely prescribes medication to patients), or a therapist who can write prescriptions, I am not sure which. Regardless... he had the same feeling you get, complete panic, and she prescribed him 1mg of a drug called Klonopin. Now, if you enjoy recreational drug use, this answer won't help you, but if you have a drink here or there and use drugs rarely as recreation, then it will help you. He is sober, and takes 1 mg in the morning and 1 mg at night. The first night he took it, he said it was the best night of sleep he'd had in a long while, and he didn't wake up with the familiar dread of every second that is going to happen when he stepped out of bed. Legally get some Klonopin, and use it as prescribed, you might not find yourself at the bottom of a hellish well every morning. Don't hang yourself or anything. That annoying, numb, suffering feeling you describe is chewing at everyone you've ever met. Society conditions a lot of people to find a character they create in social situations to hide behind. Everyone is nervous, nobody is as comfortable as they act, believe that, its true, always. Hell if you know how to communicate with them, too many of them are a imagining themself as a lead character in their own movie. People suck, they piss me off every single day, without fail. Don't off yourself, though. Nobody knows what happens when we die, maybe its so much worse than this that we'd give anything to come back to this simple, shitty, mundane land of talking monkeys. I think we go to the same place we were 10 years before we were born....nowhere, no concept that we even ever existed, so still, obey the law, and get a few kicks out of it. That's what I'm trying to do (doing a poor job, mental problems get in the way a lot.....but, I have a good time about 5 times a year or so, better than nothing!) Chinese proverb ... You can't keep the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You need to see a doc immediately, there's a condition that some people have that causes them to actually stop breathing in their sleep, and that's very dangerous. I dont even know you and i'm worried, please seek help! I wish you the best of luck! see a different doctor though or tell that one that Iron supplements arent working. I have Iron Defenciency Anemia, and that's never happened to me.

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