Dream interpretations?

Usually I dream what I call "Movie dreams". they are when I make up long and actually really good movies that have good plot lines that i am usually the protagonist or one of the people whatever. Towards the end im usually more lucid. Anyways, today i had the wierdest dream ever that was unlike my normal ones. Im flying down what i can only describe as a rectangular hallway or pipe system. And flying almost as if i was falling but im turning gracefully around each corner. The whole time Im yelling and screaming excitedly to the person following close behind, who I dont see once during the dream. The entire pipe hallway thingy is covered in beutifiul spectacular paintings and graffiti arts. I fly through this thing for what seems like a LONG time. Then I got to the end of the tunnel im in a small room with no doors or closets. It is dimly lit with a florecscent light (Didnt actually see a light but im describing how the light looked in the room, that dim flourescent look) In this room is a closet. I walk in, and i see a tv singing some really happy upbeat 50's sounding song that I cant remember over and over. I then get sprayed by a hose. I remember at the end I was excited for my person behind me to arrive. But then I woke up. At 5:30 a.m I had only slept five hours before my dream woke me up.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Parts of it I get. You have leadership abilities and your example of soaring with

    certainty through life's unknown passages has inspired other souls to

    follow your path, or in this case, flight plan. You have accepted the challenge

    of leading by example and are happy with the results. Being sprayed was

    necessary to awaken you - or you would not remember the dream - and

    it is important.

    Source(s): "The Dream Makers" By Courierre and Hart
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