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Why is always red vs blue?

Gameshows its always blue vs red

gangs: crips blue bloods red...surenos blue nortenos red

competitiom reality shows blue vs red team

sports: red flags blue flags

revolutionary war: redcoats vs bluecoats


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    Maybe it is because they are both primary colours, and easily identifiable. Also, the enemy team more often than not appears to be red, and that could have to do with what the colour symbolizes: War, death, blood.

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    The most popular colors for flags are red, white, and blue, but white by itself is the color of surrender.

    When tv was first invented in Hong Kong they had a problem with animated advertisements. They didn't want yellow people because Chinese were sensitive about that, Russians owned red, green meant sick, blue meant cold, and so forth until they finally decided that all cartoon characters in ads had to be purple. It was the only color with no particular meaning.

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    It's an installed thought process. When one thinks of the enemy team, they think red, and of the team one supports, they think blue. Not because their opposites, because we all know they aren't. It's just something installed in us through repetition.

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    Seriously, why can't we all get along? Purple is a better color anyways. Seriously though, they're just popular colors.

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    because they're the best two colors to work with.

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    8 years ago

    because the color is the contra to each other

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