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Also, i have severe issues when it comes to binging... i cant control myself il binge on peanut butter.. tubs... in a weekend, blocks of chocolate and bread with absolutely anything... as many carbs as possible.. everytime i try and control myself for even a day i cant, i use to be extremely strict onmyself, i lasted that way for months and was a great wieght, was 48 kilos and i was 170 cm tall.. which is like insanely good ! now im a fat *** ****, 58 kilos and 170 cm female... im 18 years old and i wish i could just go back to bieng thin and having the will power i use to,. now im disgusted inmyself

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    10 cupcakes at 2 am

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    According to this website 50-75 kg is the healthy weight for your height, age and gender, so technically 48kg is underweight...

    Maybe try exercising, or drinking a glass of water everytime you feel like binging (thats what I do and it works) or after the water have 1 mint lolly, to get your taste buds working.

    If you want to lose weight, try excerising and eating healthy, and hopefully my tip above works. If it doesnt, try eating juicy fruit!

    I recomend that you don't go down to less than 50kg, as because you are getting older, its wise not to become underweight.

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