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Where are all these girls that like virgins?

I always hear about these girls who like guys who are virgins, but I never see them. I don't know any. I've never run into any. I don't think they really exist. But people say they do, so where is this place where they're all hiding?

I'm a virgin. I'm 18 too, so I feel absolutely miserable about it. I dont want to be. Waiting is for chumps who care. I don't. I've been hurt too much to put any emotion into anything at all having to do with sex. There's no point, cuz your just gonna get hurt again. But people talk about waiting like it's some sort of gift from God. It's a curse for me, and I hate it more than anything, but I can't lose it. It's not my choice. All my exes refused to because I was a virgin. Would it be better to just lie about it with whoever I manage to go out with next? And what do you guys think? Is it better to be bullied and feel like a little kid for years like I have, or is it better to just get it over with, feel like an adult, and be able to say "yes, someone thought I was good enough tohave sex with"?

I'm not shallow btw. I'd like to love whoever it is, be married maybe, but at the same time, I'm me. I hauvt had good luck at all with chicks in he past. There's not even much hope of there being a next person honestly.

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    Are you involved in a church? I do believe the type of girl you are looking for would much more be likely to be found there than in a nightclub.

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