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What does this dream mean?

I had this dream when I was 13 im 14 now but often I think about it before I go to sleep

The dream was: I was inside a video game and the game was boys Vs. girls and the key to winning was be the last one standing and we were all throwing knifes at eachother ( kinda like the Hunger Games But this was way before that came out ) I didnt die in the dream but i was the last girl against like 7 boys and right before I could of died it went to me outside of the game trying to shut the system off but it just wouldnt go off and I began to panic while i saw people from the game trying to get through the screen and The Finally I woke up panting

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    It just means you have a vivid imagination. If I were you, I would write them down. A lot of famous writers use their dreams as basis for their novels. I think the author who writes Twilight (you know Twlight, right?) dreamed about gloomy forest. Then she researched and found a place called the Forks which resembles the forest in her dream. She then started to build up her story and now she is famous!

    I really think you have potential to be a great writer. I also have vivid dreams and have written a few fictions based on my dreams. I have published a few on the web (for free since I don't think they are good enough.)

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    Conquers bad fur day?

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