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I think my mum had behaviour problems. Help?

My parents divorced 3 years ago because my mom was paying the mortgage in the house while my dad was supporting her by paying the bills. STUPID reason if u ask me. My mum has a better paying job while my dad is poor. I wasn't really bothered about the break up tbh, im 19 btw.

When my dad was living in a flat EVERY morning while i was still at school he would take me to my local train station which was a 5min walk away. He did that just so he couls see me. Also he was still paying for the house television bill and sky television for me and my sisters sake. But for some DUM reason my mum started purposely increasing the telephone bill to the point where my dad just could not afford to pay anymore. Because of this when it got cancelled she got angry i started telling ALL my family and friends that he purposely disconnected the telephone line and internet as they are linked. She even got angry at me and my sister when didn't even do anything. I think she was being an immature ***** tbh. And thats just what she is. A *****.

My sister told me that one morning while i was on my way to school she was very very sick. They day before she was throwing up badly. My mum stormed into my sick sisters room who was gettin ready for school and told her to get up from bed. Her stomach was hurting badly. My mum called her a liar and that she isn't really sick and started saying how me, my sister and dad are turning against her. My sister got angry and my mum jus started beating her. She was so sick. AND MY MUM IS A NURSE! She was so sick that when my dad took her to the doctors the doctor said she had to go home and skip school. My dad was FURIOUS so was a family friend and doctor. He said that as she was a nurse she could have lost her job.

There are so many other incidents as well. I think she has mental problems. She says she's a christian. LOOL massive lie. I dont no what to do because i dont like leaving my sister with her when i go uni. She ALWAYS thinks shes right and never listens to anyone. Please. Please. Any reasonable answer will be appreciated. My sister is 16.

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    i think that she is just an unhappy, frustrated, stressed out person.

    was she this way before the divorce?

    can you go live with your dad?

    it can get you out of that house and maybe your mom won't be mad about you being on your dads side

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    everyone sees their mum as... off the hook a little... yours just happens to really be off hook

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