Does This guy like me?

I've been in Germany for a month and I'm leaving on Wednesday. I've met so many new friends and one I them is this guy that I like. We have spent a lot of time together in groups and he bought me some drinks at an event. I went with my friend to watch him play tennis and his friends that he was there with asked him if we were together (I don't speak any German, but my name was mentioned and I could tell from the context). He replied, "Kayla? No." I said "What?" because I heard my name and he said that we pass a lot of time together.

Last night we went to a party and on the way there he told me, "No guys, Kayla!" joking with me. I did find a nice guy to talk to but we left a little earlier than I had hoped. On the way home I fell asleep and he was speaking German with my friend about how much I had to drink because I was already sleeping (I only slept 3 hours the night before so yes, I was tired). My friend was worried I drank too much because her family wants he to look out for me. The guy I like then mentioned having me sleepover if she was really worried about her dad finding out I was drunk (I only had 2 drinks- I didn't even have a buzz). I ended up staying at home because there was no need to go home with the guy I like.

Does he like me? Or is he being a good friend and looking out for me?

And I won't accept any responses about him wanting to get in my pants. I love all of my friends here and I trust them and he isn't an exception.


This isn't supposed to be in the gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual category. I don't know how to fix it.


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    8 years ago
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    his friends think that he likes you , so yes he likes you...........but he thinks:

    1- that you are too good for her


    2- that you dont have feelings for her


    3- he knows that he loves you but is denying so that it wont hurt that much, when you leave.


    i think option 3 is true

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