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What is "Payroll Assistance?"?

I have started seeking a job through craigslist, and I come across several offers for "Payroll Assistance." What is this exactly? Is this some kind of scam I should be wary of, or what?

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    100% SCAM

    Those are all money mule scams - you are being used by criminal gangs to send and receive counterfeit checks and will eventually be arrested for this.

    There is NO company in the world that hires random people to handle payroll at home. Payroll is always done in house or through a company like Paychex.

    Craigslist is full of scams. The only real jobs listed seem to be retail and restaurant jobs where they tell you the company name in the ad. And you will ALWAYS be interviewed at their place of business before you are offered any sort of job

    And NEVER post a Work Wanted ad. No legitimate employer ever looks there as they don't need to in this economy. The only people contacting you will be scammers

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