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Would you read your kids diarys/Journals?

If your kid left their diary/journal like in public view would you open it and read it? Just want other peoples opinions because my mum actually read my diary last year for no reason? But she might of being worried about me because I do have Anxiety and maybe she thought i was in danger or something..

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  • Sarah
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    8 years ago
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    If i thought there was something the matter yes i would but to be honest, i would rather speak to my children on a regular basis, let them get their fears and anger out and then i can reassure them on subjects that they are confused about or miss understand, sometimes children do not like telling their parents everything, but if my daughter seemed to be upset all the time and wouldn't tell me i would go see whats wrong, but no if it was hanging around the house i would give her it and say go and hide it in a secret place, if you are good with your children that way they will be happy, but if you obstruct from what they would like to do then it will back fire in your face, you should let your children have a bit of privacy, if they are in no danger i don't see anything could be wrong

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No you should never read your kids diary or journal that invades there privacy and you should be able to trust your kid enough to know that they would tell you if anything was wrong and if you cant trust them then something is wrong

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    no longer till I felt I had no different decision. If had various warning indicators that my newborn grow to be in hardship or doing something they should not be doing then i might look as a final hotel. i might first attempt assorted situations to get them to talk to me, or maybe yet another person that I relied on. The privateness of a teenager would desire to be respected whilst in any respect attainable. yet there are situations interior the terrific activity of the youngster that such privateness is now no longer a priviledge.

  • :s
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    8 years ago

    No way!! Journals are VERY personal. I wouldn't leave it open and they don't read mine.

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  • 8 years ago

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