What does "charmer" actually mean?

Just a random question, a girl was going on about how she thinks I'm a charmer (not sarcastically) but what do you think she meant by this? Thanks


-Ramon C: Thanks for the grammar lesson...I guess, I didn't realise that missing a full stop was punishable by law. Oh and I'm not a kid, who crapped in your cornflakes this morning? Apart from that the rest makes sense I guess thanks, the phrase gets thrown about a lot hence why I asked what means from a girls perspective.

-Lalala: I see, thank you for the answer :)

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    8 years ago
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    I would define it as a very generous compliment. It means that you are very friendly and likeable, that you possess the capability to attract others. It could also imply that you are understanding, that it difficult to escape your charm, etc.

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