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Quantitative methods help :)?

so i am doing values and i was wondering how to do a few

the question is

(e) to the power of 5 x (e) to the power of 5

how do i put that into the calculator

also how do i do Ln((1 over 17)

i know this is probably really simple but i am new at this and have no idea what i am doing :) thanks

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    You can use this calculator or just approximate: e ≈ 2.71828

    Use the e^x key and just enter the (10) since e^5•e^5 = e^¹º

    On a calculator that has no e^x key I just enter

    2.71828; then x^y key; then 10; then =

    ln(1/17) = ln(1) - ln(17) ≈ -2.8332

    On scientific calcultor enter:

    1; then ln key, then -; then 17, then ln key; then =

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    have a chat to you teacher lol

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