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Why is my cat peeing in one corner of my house?

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    8 years ago
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    Litter problems:

    Here are a few suggestions to your litter box problems:

    - Provide a box for each cat

    - Change litter daily

    - Provide constant access to a box

    - Go back to previously used brand of litter and/or

    - Discontinue new disinfectant

    - Move box to where it was previously used

    - Eliminate new or frightening noise near litter box

    - Move food and water away from litter box

    - If cat is only going in one spot, put the litter box at the exact location and gradually move it back to where you want it at the rate of one foot per day

    - If there are several places, try putting dishes of cat food in those areas to discourage further elimination there

    - Experiment with different textures of litter (cats prefer sandy litter)

    - Use a covered litter box for cats that stand in box but eliminate outside of it

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