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my mother only lets my brother go out with his friends and not me ?

basically I'm 14 and i have a lot of friends who just hang around nearby and i have 2 younger brothers and a younger sister , my brother who is 11 is allowed anywhere he wants but not me... i have to watch I'm go out and whilst i stay at home and do chores, also my sister goes to a relatives house whilst i am not allowed anywhere

also everytime i ask my mother if i can go out she says no!! and she explains my brother needs to learn the world with his friends and she says i don't need to...Also my brother is having one over me on this and is being very rude.. i told my mom and she goes its art of growing u.. every time i say something rude to him back she tells me off not him and also i said to her 'this is what is the result of learning the world 'and she goes 'well then i should never let you out with your friends then should i?'

and i say 'YOU NEVER DID' and she laughs and walks away from the conversation

what should i do?

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    Your mother is sick, if I were your mother I would let you go out with your friends but not your brother that needs to learn not to be rude first. I know that sounds quite immature but he does need to learn SOME manners.

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    You should go up to her and say "Look I refuse to be treated this way, I am older than the others and so should have more right than any of them, first of all you need to control your brat of a son and next time he bad mouths me I will slap him, also I am happy to do the chores but I will not stay inside all my life just because he is out playing, I don't want to live like a north korean, I want some freedom and I will go out and see my friends whether you like it or not!"

    Even if she objects follow through on this

  • 8 years ago

    You're a girl and she doesn't want you to go far from the kitchen.

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