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Describe the Rhine River in Germany?

If anyone lives around Wiesbaden or Frankfurt and has been on the Rhine, what color is the water? (grey, green, dark or light blue, black-looking?) Does it smell very fishy, or mucky, or more like the sea? Also, are there any waves than crash on the shore, or it is very calm? I know this is very random, but it is for a book. Ten points to the most helpful answer!

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    The water is brownish and murky with a tinge of green. It might not look very appetizing, but it's clean enough to bathe in. It doesn't smell of anything in particular, really, at least not very strongly. It's not salt water, so there's no reason why it should smell like the sea, but it doesn't have any other distinctive smell, either.

    Unfortunately, I only know sections of the Rhine that are a bit further downriver, especially around Dormagen/Leverkusen. The Rhine there is about 200 meters across and has these little, artificially created bays you can bathe in. In the bays, there is nearly no current, but if you venture out of it, the current becomes so strong, it will sweep you away. The waves are quite weak, except when a ship just went by.

    It might be totally different in the area you want to write about, though. My advice is - if no-one from the immediate area around Wiesbaden answers, go on Google Earth, pick out a particular stretch of beach you want to write about and look at it closely. The size and conditions of the river really vary a lot. E.g. there are some places where the water is very shallow and it's just clean enough so that you can see the ground, and some places where there are islands in the river. Also, if that's an option, go to a typical river close to your home, watch it and take note of how it smells and how the waves behave near the shore.

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