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Sleep deprived - hallucinations?

The other week I went out partying on a pub bus and got a bit drunk and never ended up going to sleep. The next day I had work so I just jumped on a bus and worked a full day (bout 9hours) on no sleep. That night i stayed up till about 11 at night and it was really weird the lounge was dark as I was watching tv and I kept on seeing people I went partying with out of the corner of my eye like on the couch but when I looked they were gone. And like when I went in my room I kept on seeing them like in my sheets the way they were folded and crumpled. It didn't scare me at the time but now that i think about it I wondered what happened. Nothing like thats happened to me before and I've been fine since, and it was just like the three people I went out partying with I saw everywhere. Is that just because I was sleep deprived?

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    sleep deprivation can do this to you. The images are in the corners of your eyes and in the shadows most often. In your mind it may have been the people you were partying with because that was the last huge stimulation your brain was received. Normally your brain processes what happens during the day while you sleep. By having a high amount of stimulation and no rest your brain has not had time to process things and therefore they show up in your vision.

    I would highly recommend avoiding this kind of behavior bc sleep deprivation can destroy your mind very quickly.

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