How do I get my Fiancee back?

my fiancee of 2 years recently found some facebook messages on my phone to another man. They were innocent messages and did not mean anything to me at all, as i was seeking attention from not getting to spend much time with him due to our new jobs. He cleared out the whole house and moved back into his old flat. Im struggleing to even breathe without him and am feeling very suicidal because i dont feel i can cope without him. He had a past relationship with a girl who he found in bed with another man but i have never ever physically cheated on him but because of his previous experiences he feels i have done the same and he cant ever see us being together again even though he still loves me. He wont answer my calls and texts and I am trying my best to make him understand that im not like the other girls and i do love him and always will. I was just seeking attention and now ive lost everything. How do i get him to talk to me so we can work things out? I cant live without him.

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    8 years ago
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    Sounds like he is really hurt & just needs some time to himself. His actions show that he actually really loves you. He took out the time to clean out your whole apartment, you only get that angry over someone you really love. He's not answering your text or calls because he is hurting inside, & reliving old emotions. I understand the messages were innocent, but you shouldn't of been talking to another man anyway. But thats ok, you made a mistake & I'm sure you've learned your lesson. Give it a week, do not text or call him. If in that time you havent heard from him, send him a text asking how he is & maybe you two can meet up for coffee. Im online if you would like to chat, send me a message. Best of luck.

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