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Do you think that my fiance will like this lingerie for our first time/night together?

I'm getting married on 9/1/12. My fiance and I have been abstinent during our whole courtship. We're looking forward to our first time together. I've ordered this for my wedding night:

I know that some of you say why bother, because it won't stay on. But my fiance loves it when I wear red. I've ditched all of my granny stuff, and I've invested in more modern/hip lingerie. I'm just nervous that he won't like it. Do you think that my fiance will like this?


My fiance and I are both 40 year old widowers. We are a christian couple, and this is something that we strongly believe in. I've been single & celibate for 7 years, and he's been single & celibate for 9 years. We've known each for 5 years, and we've been courting for 2 years.

Update 2:

@ eyesopen: You know I actually thought about doing something like that.. LOL!! "Torture makes the heart go fonder" are the words that popped into my head when I read your answer.

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    I dont think that itll stay on long ;) but yeah its nice . will you have time to put it on though? maybe just some nice underwear insted ? ....or no nickers . thatd drive him crazy if you told him that before getting married , then he'd have to sit through the meal thinking . lmao

    i think he'll enjoy whatever you have on .

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    just wear a red ribbon, with a bow, like on a gift. Much sexier.

    If you've been abstinent for so long, all hes going to want is to get you naked as fast as possible, then bow his load within 2 minutes.

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    You've been celibate throughout your entire courtship. I don't think he's going to care what you're wearing.

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    Your fiance' loves you, not the packaging, so don't worry.

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