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do i have tp let landlord know parolee is moving in?

looking for apartment do i have to let landlord know state parolee will be moving in in 3 months

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    You can't let anyone at all move in. Anyone that wants to has to be approved by the landlord first.

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    You can't just move someone in in 3 months without the landlords knowledge and permission. Yes the landlord will do the same background check he did with you. That doesn't mean the parolee won't be allowed to move in. It will be up to the landlord

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  • E&L
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    Read your lease. Some do not allow 'guests' for more then a 3 day stay. Your lease should clearly state how many 'adults' are allowed to stay in the premises, parolee or not.

  • R P
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    8 years ago

    You cannot allow anyone to move in without your landlord's permission.

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