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Why is my face so flakey when I put on foundation?

I suffer from acne so Ive been wanting to cover it up. I'm so sick of it i just want it gone. But when I put on the foundation it's really flakey and noticeable. I thought maybe my skin was dry so I bought some cetaphil lotion and I put that on twice a day (when I wake up and before I go to sleep) and it works when I put on the powder make up but when I try liquid all I see are little white flakes. What can i do or put on my face that will stop the chaffing and make it look smooth? Thanks for helping and please don't say the make up wont help the acne, I just want it covered up...

I also exfoliate a couple of times a week

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    try an exfoliating cleanser. it will remove dead skin cells. then when you're done, put on some lotion and give it time to soak in. then make sure you apply foundation very very very very lightly.

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    Maybe you should step up the exfoliating for a while... the cetaphil ill be loosening the dead skin, and so you need to keep removing it. About the acne.. have you seen a doctor? There is NO reason at all for someone to suffer with it in this day and age.. you can get really effective anti biotics from the doc, so please try that.

    Source(s): Mother of 4 (spotty) teens who were prescribed anti bios with spectacular results.
  • put the lotion on with or before you put on ur foundation. I have the same problem and it seems to help. I usually use Johnson's baby creme though, but just play with it and you will find what's best for your skin. gl

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    maybe you put on too much

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