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How do i level up on yahoo answers?

Im stuck at level 1 and just want to see it go up idk why but i just do :)

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    Just keep answering questions.

  • Jo
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    It's a points and levels system - which is explained on the site.

    2 points for answering a question. 10 points for Best Answer. -2 points for asking question. -10 points if your answer is reported as abuse of the guidelines.

    I think it's 250 points to level up to level 2. Then certain points to level 3.

    These levels are limited to number of questions one can answer in a day. Level 1 is - I think - 20. Then it goes up to 40, 60 and 80 depending on the level.

    It is explained in detail on the website.

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    8 years ago

    You need 250 points to move up to the 2nd level. These suggestions will get there in3-4 days maybe sooner. To move up answer lots of questions, the maximum you can do every day, that's 20 at your level, you get 2 points for each so 40 points per day, always trying for best answer they give you ten points. Before posting a question do a search , searches are free, asking a question costs you five points, be sure to return and pick best answer that way you get 3 points back. Be sure to vote for undecided questions, you get a point for each vote so up to 25 points each day.As you move up in levels you acquire more participation privileges.

    You can also earn 20 points by taking the quiz.

    For subsequent levels do more of the same.

    To check the complete setup and privileges:;_ylt=...

    Another helpful link.;_ylt=Av...

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    Answer questions to as best as you can explain them, hope for best answer, add sources, have your Q:A ratio at about 1:5+ per day.

    Source(s): I fiddle around on Y!Answers and have about 13% best answer
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  • 8 years ago

    You gotta farm questions, a lot of them, just keep grinding, if you can play co-op with a friend and grind together while you talk.

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    This isn't an mmorpg.....

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