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Why is my face so flakey when I put on foundation?

I suffer from acne so Ive been wanting to cover it up. I'm so sick of it i just want it gone. But when I put on the foundation it's really flakey and noticeable. I thought maybe my skin was dry so I bought some cetaphil lotion and I put that on twice a day (when I wake up and before I go to sleep) and it works when I put on the powder make up but when I try liquid all I see are little white flakes. What can i do or put on my face that will stop the chaffing and make it look smooth? Thanks for helping and please don't say the make up wont help the acne, I just want it covered up...

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    i had the same prob, acne and flaky and red. until i used clinique foundation and powder. it costs more but it actually cleared up my skin and i don't need to buy lotion or acne meds anymore, so tech im not out anymore money :) i strongly encourage you to try it, i know many ppl that all have the same prob until they used clinique. i use perfectly real matte, best coverage! i think your foundation is drying your skin out... and you can't moisturize flakes, you have to eliminate whats causing the flakes before you can expect a foundation to look smooth. hope this helps

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