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Isnt it amazing that nearly the entire world was fighting primarily againdt 2 nations Germany & Japan?

Germany and Japan stood hold germany in europe stood hold til 1945 and Japan stood hold till 1945.

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    Not quite. Many nations kept out of it.

    Problem you have is a world that was still reeling after WW I. They did not want another one. Incidentally the Germans started the first one as well. They had the element of surprise on nations that had not geared up for war, it was only to be expected. They could have been stopped earlier with hindsight, but they were not.

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    sorry to correct you but the UK never fell

    the UK was Never Liberated

    the UK was Not threatened with Invasion after Oct 1940 Thanks to the Royal Air Force Not the USA Lend lease was Only approved in June 1941 long after the UK was Safe

    the Germans Hold on Europe was failing by october 1940 when they were Beaten By the RAF the British and her Mighty empire took on the Greatest Air Force On the Planet and Beat them

    and at No time on the Surface of the sea did the NAZIS control anything

    so please Modify your answer to allow that fact that In 1939 the UK was Not ready for War

    where from 1933 GM was Building Hitlers Tiger and Panzer tanks

    from 1933 Ford was Building Trucks

    from 1933 ITT was Building Fokker Wolfs

    IBM was making the Railway efficient Helped in Rounding up the Jews and made sure that the Slave labour was Not wasted

    and In 1940 Standard Oil was Building 40 Petrochemical Plants the Biggest Being in the Auschwitz complex Standard Oil was Owned By Prescott Bush and the Rockefeller's who with the Help of FDR Warburg Lindbergh using JP Morgan and Associates to Fund Hitler from 1933

    so who had Control of europe

    Maybe the USA's Puppet Hitler

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    It was mainly through bluff that Britain won. The Germans were deceived into thinking that they had more Air Force capacity than they did which way a primary reason for they abandonment of operation Sea lion.

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