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Signs of war world 3?;)?

signs of war world 3 o.O idk me and a friend disgust it ;) well not sure if its accurate but give us more of your details too if you think we are wrong

1, Domestic unrest in a country

2, A dying economy

3, revolutions in other country

4, Regime change, political unrest

5, Then there's a massive build up in arms(China mobilizing

then north korea preparing for war, i ran's nukes, us pulling out.

There's a lot and i'm tired lol)

Then there's a idea put into place to stop people from saying what they think

anywhere(sedition acts)

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    You must be very young.

    The conditions you describe have existed every day of the year since there has been anyone around to record their history on a shard of pottery.

    There is always strife in this benighted planet, always some country of group clawing their way to the top of the fishpond, cesspool, and or ocean they inhabit, usually using the femurs of their neighbors as ladder rungs.

    There is always economic uncertainty, because there never ever seems to be enough to go around, and someone is always scamming or stealing someone else as they scrabble for their little pile of gold.

    Like it or not, most of the "advances" in the histories of our civilizations have been driven by our overriding need to kill our neighbor and get his goodie bag before someone else comes along and gets it first.

    The sad fact is that civilization does not have a plan

    So we must live our lives the best we can and follow the only advice that seems to work.

    In the words of Winston Churchill

    "Keep Buggering On"

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    Everything you described is the normal state of affairs around the world for centuries.

    Those aren't signs of a global war.

    Signs of a war including things like these:

    Nations converting civilian production to manufacture war supplies.

    Nations implementing mass conscription to increase the size of their military.

    Nations implementing rationing to stockpile resources in case of wartime trade disruptions.

    Even then, those are things some nations do during any war; not necessarily just global ones.

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