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Am I wrong, I want my boyfriend to stop talking to his "best friend"?

I know they're very close and they talk everyday. He's known her longer than he knows me. He worries about her. He tells me good things about her. I'm just sick of this. I've told him to shut up about her but it still happens. Could there be something going on between them?

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    I understand how you are feeling. I would probably react the same if I were you. Yes there is a chance that your boyfriend like her, but it is also possible that they are just really good friends. Just think about the problem this way: she was his good friend when you two started dating, he chose you to be his girlfriend instead of her. Hope this will make you feel better :D

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    Perhaps there is something between them. However it also isn't uncommon for some men to speak their mind to women who they've known longer and perhaps, to a better extent. If he's talking to that person in a flirtatious sort of way, perhaps that boyfriend is not your ideal one.

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    You don't want to do that! He might resent you for it. I think it's a mistake to take him away from his best friend. And if he is your boyfriend you should trust him. If there was something he would have broken up with you for her probably so he wouldnt have to sneak around, but he hasn't. So, clearly he must care for you in a different way from her.

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    No and you are overreacting you stupid female. Your kind of insecure girls are the reason for splitting up best friends. Heck he is probably P%%%y whipped by you and friendzoned by his friend. Anyhow because they have known each other for so long dont you think they would have gotten together by now?

    I hate your kind of thinking. It ruined a 5 year friendship.

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  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like shes the one he loves

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    i doubt there is anything going on between them, they are probably just close friends. but yeah thats kind of odd that he talks to you about her. tell him that he needs to be quiet about her but the fact that he talks to you about her is another pointer that he probably wont be doing anything with her.

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    Might have to add to your pain by saying I am in accordance with Cosmini..

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    Maybe he has feelings for her. People's hearts change... Maybe you're jealous and overreacting.

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    theyre friends, nothing more. you have to trust him or lose him as no-one wants to be told who they can and cant speak to.

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