I can't find this movie in USA; how possible will it be for me to find it in China?

Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977, starring Diane Keaton)

I'm teaching little children and learning Chinese. I'm really interested in this movie because it's partly about teaching children, and it's generally a good film. I would like to watch it dubbed in Chinese. I realize this is a long shot.

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    Your kidding of course. You are creeping me out.

    LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR is an adult film about a women with a strong sexual drive. She is a sex addict. She is a teacher by day. Every night she goes to different bars and always picks up a stranger to spend the night with her. One of the guys she picks up turns out to be a psychopath . He brutally rapes her then kills her.

    It's doubtful there is a dubbed in Chinese version available. The regular film is available from Amazon.com

    If you are really serious there are great Chinese films dubbed into English that are all available on Amazon.com

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