what are some good lemony snicket books any books by him to read?

somebody please answer me and tell me some good lemony snicket books to get either from the library or for my next birthday on march 16th or on christmas morning to read ok?

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    Well actually, Lemony Snicket is just a pen name (fake) and the actual person is Daniel Handler. You should read his entire, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Daniel Handler actually wrote another novel (published with his real name) called Why We Broke Up.


    I've read both the series and the book up there and I liked them all.

    He's also written: The Basic Eight, Watch Your Mouth and Adverbs.

    Currently he's working on a new novel.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • 8 years ago

    A series of unfortunate events books 1-13

    Source(s): Read them all
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