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Where can I read 50 shades of freed online for free?

I know that there is websites out there because I've seen 50 shades of grey online! Someone please help me!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Download it from pirate bay, i did that btw its a good book

  • Kim
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    5 years ago

    OK, first of all, the other answers are right...if you are 18, you can buy what you want. Or you can go to the library and read it there, if they have it, so you don't have to bring it into the house and cause trouble with your step mother. Second of all, it's a copyright-protected piece of work. The author is legally entitled to be paid for her work by selling the book. Anyone offering it on-line for free reading is violating the author's rights, and breaking the law. If you read it from a "free" posting on-line, you're breaking the law too. Now that you're 18, you can be held legally responsible for your actions. So give up trying to find it for free.

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