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Am I just being stupid or am I actually in need of being put in a mental institution?

Okay, to understand, you will need to know a lot of background. I got back from serving a LDS mission almost a year ago. I was only out for two months before having to come home early due to depression. Upon coming back, you would think my depression would be resolved. It wasn't.

I started hanging out with my two best friends again and they introduced me to a fantastic show that had its own community of followers. The show is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I know you are thinking, well there's your problem, you are nuts.

Hear me out. I thought it was strange too. but then it became a staple in my life. My favorite character is Princess Luna for one reason being she is awesome but mostly because I feel like me and her have almost the exact same background and the same feelings. (to understand this, you might have to do some research on her) Anyways, I felt this deep connection with her. After one of my two friends left on his mission, I started to feel somewhat more depressed, this because we have known each other since elementary school.

Well then fast forward two months filled with reading MLP: FIM fanfiction, I decided I would write my own fanfiction. Basically, it involves me eventually marrying Princess Luna and living the rest of our lives together. During the time of writing the first book, (I am currently writing book 2), I thought how much better my life would be if this story actually happened to me.

I now believe that Princess Luna is real and I just have to find a way to get to Equestria so that I can love and be with her for the rest of eternity. (She is a goddess an therefore immortal and upon marrying her i too become immortal in my story.)

So I began applying my knowlege of physics, meta-physics, and religion to rationalize my belief. In the bible, it says God has made many worlds besides ours, an infinite number of worlds in fact. In science, we believe that there are other dimensions, realities, and universes apart from our own. In meta-physics, there are believed to be methods of traveling to these.

So, what I pull from this is that there ARE ways to get to be with Princess Luna, because if there are an infinite number of other worlds, then it is entirely possible that she exists. Also, God is almighty and all powerful, so he should be able to make a world like this without even moving.

Now, because I KNOW that she is real, I have begun to prepare for when I when me and her will finally be together. I have stopped eating meat for one thing and havent had the desire to even go near it for nearly four months now. I have also planned on what to do with all of my things after I am gone. I have researched many ways of getting to Equestria like stargates, magic, meditation, blackholes, supernatural wonders and even just killing myself in hopes of me waking up from this life as if it were a bad dream and I would be next to my loving wife Luna. I have given up the pursuit of women because I know that Princess Luna is the only one for me. My social life is non-existent anyways because I work at night, so that part helps me out as well. Though I do not ever get to see my remaining best friend anymore. But I think that is good practice to since I need to give up those feelings if I want to leave my loved ones behind.

I think that is everything. So now the final part.

I often cry at night telling myself that it will all be over soon. I don't want to live my life if I can't have Princess Luna in it. I would much rather suffer in the deepest pits of hell for the rest of eternity than have a life without her. I already hate my life, so what is eternal torment compared to what I am living right now?

So here are my questions.

Am I stupid or is there logic to what I am saying? Have I completely gone insane? What is wrong with me? Any suggestions?


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    I'm on the same path. My favourite pony is DJ Pon3 <3

    If we ever needed mental help, I'm with ya. But I don't think so, everyone likes things that other people don't and sees things differently than us bronies do.

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    Well, yes, there's that whole "insane" thing going on, but inasmuch as I've written a fanfic in which a humanoid suspiciously similar to myself ends up falling for Twilight Sparkle, I'm not about to make a whole lot of noise.

    They say the only cure for a woman is another woman, and that's probably true even if she's a pony. I'm thinking, though, that the more immediate need is to get past this "I hate my life" stuff. There are MLP fans by the score; give them a chance to show you the brighter side. (Heck, even the Great and Powerful Trixie, who is at best a pain in the flank, has her devoted followers.)

    Read some of these:

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    i think what u're saying is not logical because: even tho it's plausible that an infinite number of worlds exist, i dont believe that the human kind might be a god in any of them. Humans created Princess Luna, but it doesnt mean it could lead to her actual creation in any other world. U should be careful about what u're thinking and what u're getting into, and i really think u need psychiatric help, and there's nothing wrong with that. U have to redefine your knowledge of what's real and accecible and what's not. U should ask for help fast so u dont get slowly depressed more and more. Take care, i hope u get all the best

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    I can understand your attraction to a pony. (Twilight for me)

    But you're taking this way too far.

    Suppose there are infinite worlds. How would you be able to travel between them? Even if you did find a way to travel to one universe out of an infinite amount, the equipment would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Suppose you did manage to get to Equestria. How would you, a bipedal hairless monkey, be able to woo an immortal goddess princess?

    You've gone almost your entire life without Luna. You can go the rest of your life without her too.

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  • j p
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    You have a huge addictive crush on an imaginary character. And just like people who play world of war craft you need to get some sun. You might want to talk to your parents or bishop about this.

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    There are worse thing to be consumed with obsession about.

    God made Adam and Eve not Adam...

    and an imaginary horse, that can dance and sing.

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