School, Junior High Tips and Adivice.?

I am going into 6th grade.My school you go right into junior high.I heard bad things like fist fights , drama , losing all of your friends.I am soo nervous.I heard it was horrible, by a number of people.I want advice to, about my style and what to do with my hair.Do they where lots of jewelry?I had question that I'd like to be answered.Thanks


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  • 8 years ago
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    Looking back I disliked junior high. High school much better. I dont know about your school but my school there is no crap like being banged in lockers and fight etc.I did lose friends but made new ones :) But its the worst years dealing with self esteem and trying to find where to fit in. Be yourself do what makes you happy with your hair and clothes. At the end it will get you where your most happy. Stay away from the drama or you will not be liked very much. Just be nice but stand your ground and dont do things you dont want to simply to be liked by people because its not worth it. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to more people while still getting good grades its good and school is much enjoyable. Its almost like starting all over again. It will all be good :) dont be nervous about what everyone says its fun depending on how you see it. good luck!

  • 8 years ago

    LOL dont worry man its only 6th grade. Nothing to worry about, your what around the age of 12 right? thats about how old i was in 6th grade i think. 6th grade is still a grade where youll have a lot of fun and not really have to take anything serious. I mean getting good grades is always a good thing im just saying its not like you have to think about getting a job or anything or think about what college to go to. There is also going to be fights and drama throughout school, youll most likely never escape drama in a school. Your only around the age of 12 if im right maybe 13 your still pretty young. Most importantly your not going to lose all your friends, words tend to be a little twisted sometimes. A lot of people in higher grades will tell the younger kids going into highschool and junior high oh its terrible or its really hard when its really not.

  • 8 years ago

    Take this from someone going into 8th grade.. All that stuff can either be avoided or ran into. Don't listen to the media. You can actually be involved in that or just stay away. As for clothes and jewelry, they don't really wear a lot of jewelry. Depends on their personality. If they're a girly girl, they probably will. With your clothes, it depends on what you like. I always just wore jeans and t shirts most days. Of course you'll see those people who think they're grown up wearing tons of makeup. Trust me when I say, they're making themselves look kind of dumb. No one should have to grow up that fast. Hope this helped, good luck(:

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