How to create a sophisticated website?

I really want to try to create an amazing website. Something that people would want to go on everyday and use (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc...) I know for sure that it won't be as big or as close as being as big as those websites but I want to really try. I'm 13 right now and I want to get really serious into programming and coding. My dream is to like be one of the top-programmer at Google, Facebook and all those prestigious places. Do I have time to be a pretty decent programmer before I go to University to go at that level or is it a bit too late.

Anyways, I've got plans right now of how it will look like and what features it will have etc...

The only problem is I don't really know how to execute the making of the website.

I'm kinda confused of what languages are and what language I should learn to create a website from scratch (not using any cheap template making websites). I want a "legit" website with great features.

I don't really know that much about coding or programming.

I'm really confused about this whole thing.

Please help.


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    It's actually pretty easy.But the trouble is , once you learn,it is very difficult to put things in the right place.I'm 13 , going 14 this year,and I'm mad of coding/programming.Trouble is , I learned HTML5 (not completely) but I feel that when anyone starts making a website right after learning a web design program like HTML or CSS,the webpage looks really primitive.I coded one (very plain and boring) and it really looked OLD as in REALLY old.But then I took a closer look to all the languages out there , so,now I feel (only my opinion) that very good looking webpages can be created using languages like HTML,CSS,PHP etc,but even then,if you wanna make awesome sites like Facebook,IGN or Google (with features like Sign In and the like) you have to be advanced and to make it *feel* good (like Yahoo! and Facebook) you gotta learn programming languages and web design.Programming and web design are completely different.I got a bit bored of web design , sop I started out on learning programming recently and as a COMPLETE beginner , I set out to learn Small Basic (which was boring) so then I got halfway.I'm thinking of learning Python or Pascal first.But that is a bit too complicated.I did quite a lot of research on these kind of things,but never thought of learning them seriously.But I'm gonna start soon.

    If you're a TOTAL noob and want something as a beginner,try Small Basic,Visual Basic or Pascal.But if you think you can take it,try Python.It's good for making games.As for web design , try HTML5 and CSS.They are,by far,the easiest and the best.C++ is a tough,but awesome choice for programming.PM me if any more doubts prevail.

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    Well, there are a number of online tutorials and references. You should learn HTML and CSS first.

    Simply google "html tutorial"

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