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GIRLS! am i asking to much?

i havent had a girl friend in over a year now and finding it hard to met girls that i would even think about going out with

most girls i know are stoners drink to much or have very big popularity problems.

im trying to fine the right girl for me.

is a gamer or enjoys ps3 xbox ect

i dont mind what they look like so 7.5/10 maybe

friendly easy to talk to.

gets along with my friends

am i asking to much ????

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    Just wait to find your princess! Sometimes when you want to get your girlfriend to get along with your friends, stay with her and joke around so she feels more comfortable. If they don't hit it off, then just make time for each of them. For the interest in games, she'll probably play them with you for fun and to keep you both happy. No, you're not asking to much.

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    If you don't care what she looks like shooting for a 10 in looks is not the way to go. Lower your standards on the looks department to 5-6 and you might find a girl perfect for you. Then when you get to know her better you'll see her as your perfect 10. To me you sound like you're asking way too much when you want a too pretty girl who does nothing out with friends, like party, cause she doesn't have any cause she sits home playing games but you want her to get along with your friends. So thoughtful of you. That girl doesn't exist but lower your standards a bit and you'll find your perfect match.

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