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Can depression be related to have difficulty solving math?

I'm a 16 year old girl and a couple of years ago I suffered from a depression that lasted almost 3 years. I am healed and haven't presented any symptoms in the past 9 months. The thing is I used to be very good at math but as my depression grew, I started getting bad grades. I remember not paying enough attention. After that I was unable to get a grip back on that subject, because I am good at everything else.

I just cant get it, seriously, every time I try,my mind feels like a tornado and I usually get headaches. My parents have sent me with a tutor countless times but that doesn't seems to work. Ive read some articles about how depression changes the brain and considering my depression was untreated, I was wondering if that has anything to do and if it does what should I do. I really want to know more about this because my parents think I'm just being lazy and don't want to practice .

Also it makes me very self conscious when even the dumbest kid in class gets it and I don't. And I see all my friends getting good grades and I get so sad and feel sort of worthless.

Please help me, I would genuinely appreciate it :)

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    Reference to your mind as a tornado caught my eye

    The term i have used is a hurricane of incoherence

    But i obsessively count things and do math in my head when i become anxious

    Also headaches are a problem i have had since childhood

    Then so is depression and attention problems

    Depression is known to distort and slow cognitive functioning down.

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    I'm sorry to hear that happened. Depression can affect your concentration, making maths more difficult, along with other subjects. Often to overcome depression or compensate, one can go in the direction of art. Art is often used to treat depression also. But, if you become too much into art, you move away from using the left side of the brain, maths being a left brained activity. You said, "my parents think I'm just being lazy and don't want to practice." If you don't practice maths, you'll lose it too. Get a school maths textbook an start practicing with it, and time yourself also to motivate yourself. Practice makes perfect. If you've missed some basics or forgotten them (depression can wipe out much of your memory also), then start at the beginning, as you wont understand the later stuff, without having the basics.

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    The simple answer is YES. Anything you stress and obsess over can cause depression

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    Sounds more like frustration than depression.

    Be great and you'll feel great

    Source(s): Perfection is real! If you haven't achieved it you suck big ass
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