Have you ever taught 3-year old children?

What did you do with them? What did you teach them, and more importantly, what were the specific activities?

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    8 years ago
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    When you're teaching children that young, it is important to give them a lot of time to play. You can give them free choice play or have something somewhat structured for them to do. You could have them play kitchen where everyone has a different job to do and then you switch (like "making meals," "washing" dishes and have the kids come up with different ideas of what people do in the kitchen), grocery store, or dress up. Each of those activities provides opportunities for the children to socialize, work together, and imitate the world around them. I also have everything labeled in the room. Chairs have the word "chair" laminated on them, and so does almost everything else. This will help the students start to recognize those sight words.

    When I was teaching children that age, I had book time where I read (or reread) to the students a big book and we would do corresponding activities relating to the book of the week. They had outside play time, crafts, songs (counting, days of the week, alphabet, letter sounds, etc), organized games (tag, freeze dance, london bridge. Make sure everyone wins because losing is not something a 3 year old can do gracefully), snack time, rest time, and we would take nature walks.

    The type of things kids can do at this age are scribble and start to learn how to hold a pencil, cut with a scissor (you can draw a straight or curvy line for them to cut along), they are working on fine motor skills like threading beads or noodles onto a piece of yarn. They can follow one or two step instructions, make very simple patterns, and can learn colors, numbers, and start to learn the alphabet.

    The hardest thing for me was giving them enough repetition. I wanted things to be new and different every day, but that's not what the kids needed. They love reading the same books every week and singing the same songs for months. They wanted a set schedule that they could count on and plenty of play.

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    I've never worked with 3-year olds, but I have worked with Kindergartners that may be as young as 4 at the beginning of the year.

    What these young kids need to learn is social skills. There's a lot of emphasis on teaching them how to read, write and math because of testing nowadays, but we need to teach kids how to be kids too. We only assume that if we place young kids in the playground they'd automatically know how to play together, that's not always true.

    The kids coming in to kindergarten may know how to read, but when it comes to recess, they don't necessarily know how to play together, or how to socialize in the classroom. Teach them such skills. Have the kids involved in games, like duck duck goose that teaches team work and student involvement. Because if you really think about it, preschool might be the first time the child has ever mingled with someone his or her age.

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    I would desire to assert something is attainable. i do no longer know if my son's analyzing skill has any connection to his autism or no longer, yet via the age of three he grow to be analyzing fluently. that's the only ingredient he excels at in college. analyzing. He additionally likes to study to me an have me study to him. I by no ability actively taught him to study, i might only study to him daily and he began to study the words alongside with me, then whilst out and approximately he might study each and everything he see's, and nonetheless now happening 5 is the comparable way. Can fairly plenty study any notice it relatively is put in front of him. i think of all infants ought to doubtlessly study on the age of three and up. There are relatively some infants in ym son;s class that are authentic solid readers as properly. Edit - i think of there's a distinction between analyzing words and only repeating words. and that i assume infants start to evaluate to relatively study and comprehend the words as they get a sprint older. My son has began to truly study to study and comprehend what he's analyzing. the place is at 3 he grow to be analyzing fluently yet no longer possibly understanding various what he grow to be analyzing.

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