Leaving in the uk but want to buy a car in Germany... Possible?

Ive noticed that as the £ is stronger then the euro it would be cheaper to buy a car in Europe. but i was curious could i buy the range rover evoque and pay monthly or do i have to pay for it all @ once, i dont have a germany passport, but ive got a british one.

the car like 32000 euro's which is like £28000

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  • 8 years ago
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    do you even know that they have steering wheel on the wrong side including gear stick, brake pedals... the lot, they also have german number plate, the lights point at the wrong way, the speedo is not in miles etc ect and how do we know if you have to pay it all at once, who are you buying it from exactly in germany?

    Btw the plural of euro is euros, WITHOUT the apostrophe and we write LIVING.

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