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Am i having panic attacks? if so why over little things?? i need help :'(?

Recently i was going to this college fair for this college i wanna go too(im 16 btw) and i was changing clothes, and then i felt hot...then i was swetting, then my breathing got harder and harder, then i got dizzy and my heart was speading....and i mean speeding to the point i couldnt move, then this happend again i forgot when but it was the same thing..... no i dont use drugs, my friend said i need to see professional help...ive been through ALOT and a few emotional things i try and forget but then it alll comes back out of know where and i just dont wanna move on and live. I feel alone half the time, to feel pretty i go out in skanky outfits to get attention from men because it makes me feel better about myself, and my binge eating smh no comment, ive ask for help many times but everytime i reachout to someone its always about them or they say" theres worse things in the world and what your feeling happens to everyone its nothing special your fine", idk im just a sad person inside


IDK sometimes i binge eat at night till morning, i have to live with my grandma living through me and when she becomes bipolor she trys to make it up to me by buying me things -_-, and trust should hear the things she says to me. Theres soomuch people dont no about me....smh

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    Okay, I know people may say to you I know how you feel and don't worry! I have been there and it doesn't do jack s**t lol I had the worst of the worst panic attacks when my two uncles passed away then my dad fell Ill and my sisters epilepsy got worse:( and stress at school !!!i even go in to school as they were so bad. I did go and see someone and they didn't really do much but talk about nice things and explain what a panic attack was after that it was a load of poop lol so what i did was I researched for different ways to stop panic attacks, so I found it said a panic attack is causes by worry about something so you have to clear your mind nd don't worry as hard as it is you have to try, then breathe in and out SLOWLY then have a sip of water and completely Chang your thoughts. Now you need to tell your school teachers that you have these ok because they do help so if you have one in class you can say please may I be excused then you can go get some air and a drink! :)

    Source(s): I know times will be hard but these times make you stronger and a better person when you get older sorry it's so long but do read it, it will help you I'm not her for the points I'm here to help you as I know what it feels like xx
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    I get that way too sometimes. People have panic attacks for different reasons, and usually most of the time the panic stems from an irrational fear. (For instance, I used to get panic attacks driving on the freeway because I was afraid I would get lost and take a wrong exit....). I've been going to counseling for my anxiety for about a year now and it has really helped me. I had a major panic attack last year when I thought I was having a heart attack/stroke (I was only 22 at the time...very unusual for that to happen to someone of that age, but you never know!) I went to my doctor immediately just to check to be sure that those things weren't happening. So, that is the first thing I would do. Go to your doctor with what you are worried about in regards to yourself. Also, be HONEST with your doctor. Tell him/her you are having frequent panic attacks. My doctor recommended counseling and was not pushy with the medication. I did not want to be medicated and have been able to work through my panic and anxiety attacks without medication. If that is something you want to do, you need to communicate it. Also, I bought the "Anxiety and Phobia Handbook" from Amazon. It's a workbook that guides you through coping with your panic and phobia. "Calming the Anxious Mind" is another good one. Please get the help you need. It is not good for your body or your mind to be under such stress all the time. (Yes, panic attacks are stressful to your body!) Yoga and exercise have also helped me, as well as taking time for me every day. You will be in my prayers. Feel free to email me if you need more info :c)

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    I think the problem is that you're just trying to forget your problems and move on, instead of working through your problems and managing them. So because you haven't worked through them they resurface without you wanting them too through panic attacks. It's your way of telling yourself that things are not ok.

    You do need attention. You need someone to hear and acknowledge what you're going or been through. And you need someone to pay attention to your problems and help you through it. Getting attention from men by dressing a certain way won't help you lead to more problems.

    If you're in the USA you can call the panic attack helpline and start talking to someone.

    Or you can find a hotline in your country, for panic attacks or mental health services where you can get free counselling.

    Otherwise colleges normally have free counselling for their students that you can get when you start studying there.

    Don't do nothing, the panic attacks are a sign that you need to work through some of the problems you have.

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    Okay let me tell you one thing u need too calm down immediatly okay cause to mutch stress is bad. what u need to do is take a couple deep breaths and relax your body even listen to music if u want to:D and it wouldnt hurt to see a doctor so just relax and take a deep breath pleae for your own sake.

    Source(s): I had multiple panic attack before and I deal with anxiety but i do meditation.
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    go see a counsellor, long term.. Yes its panic attacks... Stop dressing skanky for attention, that shows you have confidence issues, and opens you up to more problems, unwanted advances, being raped etc. See a counsellor.

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