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Girlfriend troubles?? can someone help?

ok so my girlfriend and i have done some stuff...

but she doesnt want to go all the way so for the first month we did oral and stuff like that... then she said she doesnt want to do that until she moves out from her parents and her rule became "pants on"

so for another mon we were dry humping and shirtless stuff...

but now she doenst want to do that either because she cant take "the guilt"...

and it feels like the further we go the more we push away...

and i really like her and dont want to lose her so what do i do to stop this??

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    Hey relax man. She's feeling this guilt because

    1. She's afraid of getting caught and getting in trouble

    2. Society has taught her that sex is a terrible thing

    Actually, sex is natural. Give her time, don't push her too hard. If you do, she'll be scared away. She'll eventually warm up to it and begin to enjoy it. You have to understand she's doing what's best for her and the best you can do is to slow down and follow her. It's good she already started oral with you or watever, but you two have to go the right pace, not too fast not too slow. Eventually that guilt will wear off of her.

    Source(s): Personal experience....Asian personal experience (trust me having an Asian gf is.....difficult)
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    Im sorry to say this guy but she is getting it from some one else and it ant you if she stopped letting you do that stuff you to you. By saying "the guilt" yeah she's touch better this is what i think tho.

    by you saying we or she pushes ways meaning wantting a way out. with out hurting your feeling cuz she do like you. but is trying to put you in a friend zone slowly. Nothing you can do exapet and move on i say...or ask her why all the suddent now no? but don't push it cuz then she might cut you lose and if she did she got one on the side already.

    I hope this helps you out...

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    8 years ago

    tough one, if your 18, rent a hotel for the night and go crazy until you get a place, if shes not down with that then there might be another guy

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    Prettence mere Prettence!!!..And it is An Heart breaking..But then ask her why she has to leave the parents 4 U when she knows she cannt do i no go gree..she go giv me d tin jooo!

    Source(s): eze umu nwa na oru! onye okuku..eze-otototo
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    THEN RESPECT HER/wishes/feelings/MORALES !!! And ;DO NOT RUSH ;a; ThInG !!!You seem to have good thoughts & things to say `bout her already so why even risk messing that lil~bit UP "?" "KEEP IN TOUCH & OR COMMUNICATING !! which in`turn should build up TRUST !!! So0O once that day might come that you two will uh~Mm.,. "GET BUSY" then it just wo'nt happin til I guess she feel you are both R E A D Y and or TRUSTWORTHY ! ? ! <Go0D~LuCk>~!!! ;-S ;`;r;'R'`;;r`;~.~`~,~'~;-{-,-@

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    Just talk to her about it. && be honest

  • 8 years ago

    talk to her

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